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Bhutanese Calendar online!

Bhutanese calendar

Bhutanese calendar

Every beginning of a year, Kuensel, or national newspaper releases a year calendar, a Bhutanese calendar which most of us simply love to call it as “Kuensel Calendar” because we do not get Bhutanese calendar from anywhere else.

Not anymore!

I happened to find a repository of Bhutanese calendar dates from years 1600 to 2099 at Open Source Bhutanese Calendar software.

With little knowledge in PHP and some idea on how to present them, I have been able to extract data from years 1900 – 2099 and display them on webpage as monthly and yearly calendar, as well as a conversion formula between Bhutanese and Western dates.

Though the accuracy of the data cannot meaningfully be verified, the author of the open source software has presented all the necessary and credible formulas and algorithms used to generate them. Moreover, I have collected Kuensel calendar from years 2000 to 2014 and verified that every date is accurate.

Another exciting note is that I have developed a WordPress plugin to display a monthly Bhutanese calendar. The plugin can readily be downloaded and installed on your WordPress blog or site. For non-Wordpress website developers, the calendar can be embedded as an iframe.

Visit Bhutanese Calendar here

Privacy is dead, time to protect what is public

Out of curiosity I just happened to Google my name, and voila! I see myself everywhere; Facebook, Linkedin, my company website,, Bhutanese in Perth, and whole lot of other sites I had at one point created profiles and never cared to update or remove. (Thank God for some reason I have never fancied Twitter.) In particular, one of my name’s top hits was a jobsite I had registered to years ago where I had submitted my resume and other personal information. And reading that profile of mine only made me feel how “outdated” I have been presenting myself to the world all these while. It was simply not me!

My public profiles - are they really me?

My public profiles – are they really me?

It is not surprising to see yourself everywhere given the fact that we live in this digital one-world. For example, the second you hit Internet browser and start navigating the WWW, you are giving information about yourself and creating your online profile. We no more live in a word where everyone is a “private individual”. The world now is an open space where anyone can look for you, find you and read about you.

What do we do about it? While it will not be during our age where we can afford to shun these rather invasive but necessary technologies, we can definitely do one crucial bit to ourselves, that is, be wary of what sort of information and details we give about ourselves online, and how well you present ourselves to the world. That is the real catch.

It is not just to make yourself “presentable” to world that you have to take responsibility of your online profiles. But more importantly, your online profiles are not only seen by some random people typing your name on Google or your profiles just popping up on some irrelevant search results and getting ignored. The truth is, you are indeed searched and seen by real important people that matter. For example, when you submit your resume for a job, before calling you for an interview your potential employer first searches you online and, guess what, if you have posted a rather inappropriate photo or anything unpleasant, there goes your dream job down the drain!

“Privacy is deal, get over it”, said some important guy which sadly is very true. So with our privacy all robbed and dead, it is now time that we protect what is there on the public domain.

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གནམ་ལོ་ ས་ཕོ་ཁྱི་ལོ།

Earth Male Dog Year 2019

འབྲུག་ཟླ་ བཅུ་གཅིག་པ - བཅུ་གཉིས་པ།

January 2019

ཟླ་བ Sun
མིག་དམར Mon
ལྷག་པ Tue
ཕུར་བུ Wed
པ་སངས Thu
སྤེན་པ Fri
ཉི་མ Sat
༢༦ 1
༢༧ 2
༢༨ 3
༢༩ 4
༣༠ 5
༡༠ 16
༡༡ 17
༡༢ 18
༡༣ 19
༡༤ 20
༡༥ 21
༡༦ 22
༡༨ 23
༡༩ 24
༢༠ 25
༢༡ 26
༢༢ 27
༢༣ 28
༢༤ 29
༢༥ 30
༢༦ 31

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